Elk Rapids

A charming and quiet hidden gem tucked away between the beautiful lakes of Michigan

Welcome to Elk Rapids

A charming and quiet hidden gem tucked away between the beautiful lakes of Michigan 
This beachfront village beckons all who set foot within its borders out into the lakes of Northern Michigan for days of endless enjoyment. Due to the area’s geographical location, boating and other waterfront activities are extremely popular facets of the community’s identity. If boat rides and lakeside fun are your addictions, Elk Rapids is the place to be. Once you first experience it, you’re sure to adore it. 
No slice of paradise is complete with its history, and Elk Rapids certainly has plenty of that. From the days when the village was still known as “Stevens” to its slow development into a quaint village with a bustling boating community, the stories of Elk Rapids stretch back well over a century. For those interested in finding out more, the Elk Rapids Area Historical Museum can broaden your horizons and take you on a journey back to Northern Michigan’s historically rich past.

What to Love

  • The village’s delicious, local cuisines, like Pearl’s and Cellar 152
  • An unmissable deep connection with the region’s many beautiful lakes
  • A variety of entertaining festivals  
  • An intriguing historical background 

Local Lifestyle 

The days here are full of boat rides and sunbathes, and people are as lovely as the Great Lakes themselves. Events like Harbor Days and those hosted by Art Rapids ensure everyone in Elk Rapids stays well entertained. 
Whether you’re stopping in for a refuel at one of the village’s many lovely restaurants or indulging in the many joys along the various lakes that surround the village, Elk Rapids will keep you falling in love with it constantly.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

If you’re looking for a bite to eat, there’s Pearl’s, where the flavors of New Orleans’ Cajun cuisines decided to fly North for the spring. Then Ethanology can send you on a tour through the numerous spirits of the area. Short’s Brewing Brewing Company and Tap Room, on the other hand, provides some of the best beers the state has to offer. Lastly, Cellar 152 invites residents to enjoy a variety of gourmet foods and tasty wines.

Things to Do

Whether you’re cruising the Torch or Elk Lakes or spending an afternoon hiking through Elk Rapids Day Park, the village boasts a litany of local amenities for residents to enjoy. From the excitement regularly found on the Torch Lake Sandbar waterfront to the relaxing drifts along the East Arm Grand Traverse Bay, boating is obviously a huge aspect of Elk Rapids culture. 

Then there’s Guntzviller's Spirit of the Woods Museum where visitors can study the many local creatures of Elk Rapids up close and personal with their fascinating series of taxidermy and wildlife displays. The nearby Whitewater Township Park and Campground provide local adventures with a peaceful spot to connect with nature and enjoy an excursion away from the hustle and bustle of modern living. Last but certainly not least, the Chain of Lakes Water Trail extends from Elk Rapids to Central Lake and contains 12 lakes, including the highly coveted Torch Lake, which is generally accessed by power boats. In Elk Rapids, there’s something for everyone to love.

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