Benzie County

A quaint, bucolic corner of Michigan, resting along the lovely Great Lakes shoreline

Welcome to Benzie County

A quaint, bucolic corner of Michigan, resting along the lovely Great Lakes shoreline 
This beachy stretch of Northern Michigan is the perfect spot to kick your feet up. With communities as lovely as neighboring crystal-blue Lake Michigan, this area has a wide range of natural amenities. Benzie County is a great place to call home. 
The area first gained notoriety as an educationally focused colony, and the local Traverse College only aided in memorializing this sentiment. The college later was transformed into the Benzonia Academy preparatory school. 
The entire county was also once bustling with industrialization only half a decade ago before closures of local railroad tracks effectively dried up the manufacturing powerhouses that previously enveloped the area. From its educationally focused beginnings to its industry-heavy past, there is certainly no shortage of stories to tell here. For those interested in learning more, the Benzie Area Historical Society and Museum can further enlighten everyone with a curious mind on the region’s rich history. 

What to Love

  • The county’s varied and flavorful cuisines 
  • The area’s thoughtful connection with the natural environment 
  • The region’s numerous exciting festivals like Winterfest in Beulah
  • A wealth of historical significance throughout the county

Local Lifestyle 

The people here are a humble and welcoming bunch and enjoy having a good time. Festivals like the snowy Winterfest and the entertaining Music in the Park are regularly held throughout the region all year long. 
Then there’s the ever-delightful Frankfort Beach, where families from all around the county regularly come to enjoy a day out on the sand. We’d be amiss if we didn’t mention the county’s lovely and historic Point Betsie Lighthouse, where the tower continues to shine a light on the region’s past.
Whether you’re stopping in for a pit stop at one of the area’s lovely restaurants like the Iron Fish Distillery or Five Shores Brewing or cruising along the picturesque Crystal Lake, Benzie County fills this neck of Michigan with so much flavor. 

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

No spot is complete without a variety of delicious, local cuisines. Benzie County has this in spades. There’s the Iron Fish Distillery and Five Shores Brewing, where residents can partake in the region’s many quality local beers and spirits. Next, there’s Birch & Maple in Frankfort for those with a craving for seasonal soups and exceptionally prepared steaks. Then The Roadhouse has a little something for anyone looking to enjoy the many flavors from the South of the border. Lastly, there’s St. Ambrose Cellars, where live music, dinner baskets, pizzas, and your favorite draft mead or cider all come together to craft your perfect evening out. 

Things to Do

There are many sources of fun and entertainment, whether you’re coasting along the Crystal Lake shoreline or reeling in a picture-worthy beast with your best friend on Lake Michigan. Yet maybe you need a place to get away from it all for a while. Crystal Mountain has everything you’re dreaming of, from placid lodges to ice skating and days spent in the crystal spa. Take a load off, leave your coat at the door, and enjoy yourself.

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